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Subtitle: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at WorkBook Cover Happiness_Advantage_HBK

By: Shawn Achor


Happiness brings success.

Research and society focus on the negative.

Social relationships increase happiness.

Optimistic ppl perform bettering test and in work.

Brain change is possible over ur life time with practice.

Happiness is the joy you feel while strive towards ones potential.

Happy employees are a tremendous advantage. That’s why google and yahoo work to make theirs the happiness. Pardot was the same. Only competitive advantage.

Students who thought of the happiness day of their life just before a math test outperformed their peers. Happiness is the key to success.

Assemble a list of happiness boosters: meditate, find something to look forward to, acts of kindness (five acts of kindness) pay toll for guy behind u, fresh air, less negative tv, physical activity, spend money to do things with others or for others, exercise your strength or talent or your character.

Takes three positive messages to fend off one negative ones.

Thinking you are young actually makes you younger. Intelligence, physical look changes.

Perceive that doing things is productive and it will be a far better experience.

  • When people believe in their ability, they do better. Black students internalize racial beliefs about their ability. The election of president Obama helped to increase black student abilities.

When people believe their capabilities are set, can not improve. Those who think they can grow will improve their abilities.

Ppl with a calling orientation find work to be fulfilling, get promoted faster and are happier.

Don’t remind ppl of their weakness, but of their trenghths.

Belief in another persons potential brings that potential to reality. Pygmalion affect.

People work for the satisfaction of good work. Don’t need supervision.

Have to be careful not to have unrealistic expectations.

The Tetris affect:

  • Cognitive active image. Burns an image in your Brian that you see things everywhere. Inability to break a pattern of behavior.
  • Ppl who find mistakes in things at work, they bring that home with them. Lawyers and police are they same way. Since I love seeing things progress and improve, strategy is my calling.
  • U see what u mean to see.
  • People who try to be more grateful, will end up being more grateful.
  • Optimist end up being far better than ppl who are pessimist. Expecting positive outcomes will stay consistently lucky. Think you are lucky, u will be lucky.

Write down a list of the positive things that happened that day.

  • Helps the brain to get better at focusing on the positives that happen.
  • Makes people happier and less depressed.
  • Journaling about positive things also helps.
  • Key is to ritualize the task.
  • When you do this with the family, they will keep you accountable. Do at dinner.
  • Run a business with rosĂ© tinted glasses. Positivity can help overcome. As long as its not irrational.

If you perceive failure as an opportunity for growth, you will have a better chance in life. Ability to move up bc of setbacks.

Post traumatic growth. Ppl who use adversity to grow.

  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
  • You must showcase defeat and growth.
  • Helplessness in one area of life spills over to other areas of the map.
  • Ppl use recessions to help them to launch new ventures.

The way people explain the past, predicts future performance.

  • Optimistic styles perform better.

The human mind is extremely resilient.

  • Things are not ever as bad as we think they are.


People who feel in control at work do better in their entire life.

  • When you are in control of your life, you achieve more.

Verbalizing stress and feelings put you back in control.

Set moderate goals will help build confidence and momentum.

Best way to help a person to fix a clutter place, focus on fixing one small part at first, and expand slowly from there.

Fix email problems  step:

  • Only focus on emails from today.
  • Then only focus on emails for one hour a day.
  • Then, proceed to emails from the last week.
  • Proceed to emails in small steps.

20 second rule. Turn bad habits to good ones.

  • Common sense are not common action. 44% of doctors are over weight.
  • People are creatures of habit. Otherwise the effort to do all these tasks would be impossible to do every day.
  • The brain stay plastic and retains the ability to improve well into old age.
  • It takes 21 days to make a habit!!! But you can’t make yourself want to do something.

20 second distraction and focus rule.

  • Put the desire behavior in the path of least resistance.
  • To stop a person from watching tv, take out the batteries and move them 20 seconds away.
  • Prepare health snakes in the frig to make it easier to grab them when hungry.
  • To make it harder to check Facebook as often, bury the link very deep in the computer so that it takes twenty minutes to find.

A social network multiples out physical, intellectual, and economic ability.

  • Social relationships is the only predictor of happiness across cultures.
  • Social beautifies are more inventive.
  • Social connections to work improved work efforts and motivation.
  • Weekly beer carts are a great idea about how to increase morale.
  • Relationship with a boss it the biggest indicator of job success and productivity.
  • Try to learn one new thing about an employee each day.
  • Write one thank you letter/email to a person a day. Write to work colleges to increase social cohesion.
  • The happier people are around you, the happier you will be.
  • Organisms are stronger when you look in your partners eyes.