Project Description

book cover Good to GreatSubtitle: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Other’s Don’t

By: Jim Collins


  • Good things stop great things from developing
  • Charismatic personality sometimes hurt the ability to get bad news
  • It’s better to get the right people versus paying them more.
  • Self motivation is more important creating motivation.
  • Demotivating people is the mistake and should be monitored most.
    • Versus trying to motivate people.
    • Try to hear people.
  • Socratic style is important to engaging
    • Lead with questions, not answers
  • Don’t place blame in an autopsy of past mistakes
  • Hire the right people / team first.
  • The moment you need to manage someone, they are not the right person.
  • Would you hire that person again? Would you be happy if they decided to leave.
  • Put the best people on the best opportunities.
  • Only spend time with people you love and respect, otherwise, your life will be terrible.
  • Create a do not do list to eliminate things I can’t accomplish.
  • Must have a clear (hedge hog defensive) purpose.
    • We do collaborative investment research and analysis.
  • Email Jim Collins
    • Tell him I’m trying to implement his research on a link to my page.


  • Three steps to be great:
    • Passionate about
    • Can be the best in the world at
    • Underlying economic profit-per-x ratio (revenue per customers… Etc.)