3x Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Investor

David Durant is a management consultant, entrepreneur, and investor with over 10 years of professional experience. He is passionate about producing business solutions either as a management consultant, where in-depth analysis and growth acceleration are key objectives or as an entrepreneur, where rapid experimentation and resource allocation are most critical. Noteworthy accomplishments include the following:

  • Founded a profitable crowd-sourced financial services company with 2M+ website visitors

  • Valuation expert w/ 10+ years of experience covering 3,000 companies

  • Business leadership position w/ 3 companies in consumer products, tech, and real estate
  • Grew the profits for an established business by 300% in 18 months
David T. Durant
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David T. Durant’s Resume Experience

Senior Director (Corporate & Product Strategy), Cybeta (Cybersecurity Data Science)
November 2018 – Present | Greater USA

Description: Cybeta is a cybersecurity data science company that produced the world’s only (patent-pending) breach prediction technology. The most cost-effective breach protection is to avoid one in the first place.

+ Designed and installed a company-wide product strategy to focus on customer feedback, rapid interactions, minimal viable product (MVP), and data-backed KPIs before pursuing new ideas. Result: Slowed the pursuit of low-margin product ideas. We focused on product-market fit and overall customer value from existing products.

+ Transformed the business strategy by implementing a three-step sales funnel to drive growth. Used sales data to bring product awareness, assessment reports to drive trial, and service monitoring as our final, high-value sales pitch. Within 18 months of implementation, 33% of service customers originated from this successful endeavor. Engaged stakeholders along the way to increase buy-in and success.

+ Product Managed the successful development and launch of a first-to-market cybersecurity product aimed at middle-market Private Equity funds. Identified a competitive market gap, validated findings with consumers, assembled a cross-functional intercompany team to build the product, and launched it within five months. Results: Increased Cybeta’s channel partners (strategic partners) by 400% and augmented sales across Cybeta’s product portfolio.

+ Created and led the annual company strategic planning process to develop our strategic vision, product roadmap, and long-term goals/objectives for Cybeta. Obtained strategic alignment around high ROI technology investments and features that improved product-market fit.

+ Led business development for the private equity portfolio product. I created two teams: one to target strategic channel partners in the middle market financial advisory segment and another to directly contact PE funds through our own network.

Director (Corporate Strategy & Product Management)

Duties included creating the integrated marketing strategy, leading business development, finding new products/markets, delivering existing services, client management, project/program management, go-to-market analysis, data analytics, price setting, voice of the customer (VOC) research, and more efforts that fall under growth strategy.

+ Leveraged data analytics to redefine the target market around high-risk, discretionary companies making less than $1B in annual revenue. This market generated 90% of sales but previously only had 1/3 of our attention.

+ Conducted full competitive analysis on five target markets to align sales and marketing activity with our competitive advantages. Those advantages included our patent-pending technology, white-glove customer service, risk-adjusted pricing, breach protection insurance, and consulting expertise. This exercise significantly increased sales pitch success, but measurable results are TBD.

+ Developed integrated marketing plans for six products. We eventually focused on traditional marketing vs. digital, priced our products at a premium price point, and channeled our sales through channel partners (and other strategic partnerships) with vast networks. Communicated the results firmwide and got major stakeholder buy-in for the results of this analysis.

+ Created Cybeta’s cybersecurity vulnerability report product and leveraged a business process optimization framework to reduce turnaround time and delivery costs before investing in development to automate the report generation process. The report generates a significant portion of company revenue.

+ Completed contract negotiations with multiple data suppliers, channel partners, customers, and more to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

+ Wrote Cybeta’s business plan, including sections for integrated marketing, financial projections (FP&A), target market analysis, GTM strategy, and strategic planning sections. Used the plan to raise capital.

Senior Manager of Product Management

Duties included developing the growth strategy, initializing our digital marketing strategy, and using change management to focus our GTM strategy.

+ Cybeta’s executive team wanted to rationalize the potential of > 12 ideas developed by the company, so I assessed each idea through a rigorous product management process:

++ Product Strategy: started with a competitive analysis, conducted customer interviews, and built business cases to weed out low ROI ideas. Presented my findings and key requirements to the executive board for approval.

++ Product Design: After creating the initial sketches and storyboard in PowerPoint, we collaborated with our GTM partners and 3rd party design firms to create compelling, user-centric designs, a key product differentiator.

++ Product Development: Utilized an Agile methodology, given the pace of changes and updates to user needs. Prioritized user stories and communicated the acceptance criteria necessary for the launch.

++ Product Launch: Wrote comprehensive marketing plans for each product and initiated the GTM strategy. Monitored key KPIs post-launch to find the products that had the best potential in the long term.

++ Results: Of the initial 12 ideas, we launched 3 (two SaaS dashboards and a report). One was deemed successful long-term, achieving 50% annual sales growth since 2019.

+ Led the program management efforts to prepare the best three ideas for launch.

Product Manager (Cybersecurity Insurance Risk Model/Algorithm)

+ Utilized Excel modeling and data skills to create two predictive models to estimate cyber loss for insurance underwriters. I added the capability to assess non-public institutions down to the attack type. Results: 100% of our cyber insurance businesses utilize this model for accurate estimates.

++ Given the sensitivity of the information produced with this product, I implemented a risk management process that required a thorough quality check of each model input and equation before it went to market.

+ Years later, led a team of five people to upgrade the Threat Alpha technology and product. Vastly improved the core breach loss estimate algorithms, completed the feature designs, produced the development requirements, and executed the product launch. This launch improved product market fit while allowing us to carve out the insurance features as a stand-alone product.

++ Expanded the cybersecurity insurance beach loss model to estimate expenses by cost buckets such as lawsuits and PHI data to public relations investments and customer relationship losses. We improved the model’s accuracy using additional testing data and real-world evidence.

+ Led a two-month data analytics project to determine the factors most important to improving the cybersecurity posture for clients. I used analysis to dramatically reduce (by ~95%) the complexity of cyber insurance applications and streamline the data-gathering operations for future innovations.

+ Led business development of Cyber Metrics, a cybersecurity data product built to monetize our existing data warehouse. The sales and marketing strategy included an integrated marketing campaign that featured data platform listings, paid digital marketing, sales material production, pitch deck production, and website marketing. We also enlisted our strategic channel partners to pitch their existing customers.

Management Consultant (Strategy & Operations Principal), Liberty Advisor Group
July 2017 – April 2020 | Greater USA

Description: Liberty was founded by a group of top-tier business and technology consultants strategically, and tactically, drive material and visible value to our client’s businesses. Working across functional and organizational boundaries to deliver solutions that create value, our goal is to lead clients to make informed business decisions and effectively execute them.

Leading Autonomous Car Company – Led to $4Bn Autonomous Driving – OEM deal
+ Created the infrastructure (driving assessments, rigorous background screenings, interview guides, key stakeholder approvals, etc.) that led to the recruitment of over 25 autonomous vehicle operators in two cities over the course of 6 weeks, the fastest pace of recruiting among the different teams.

+ Led the development of a 20k sqft facility with a $2.5MM budget that will become the client’s new headquarters. Assessed stakeholder’s program management needs: managed the budget, coordinated communications, and shortened the project timeline to meet client expectations.

Public Consumer Service Company
+ Created a pre-deal business case analysis for a public company looking to double the size of its enterprise. The model included a valuation (WACC and DCF), corporate finance outputs (NPV, IRR, and payback period), and qualitative measures like risks, issues, and dependencies.

Cyber Security Insurance Risk Product Development
+ Leading product development for a new cyber insurance service used to assess the probability and potential losses that accrue to a company from a cyber attack. Utilize data science, valuation, and quantification skills to determine maximum probable cyber loss so underwriters can accurately write policies against those losses.

Management Consultant (Strategic Valuation Consulting Manager), PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers

May 2016 – May 2017 | Greater Atlanta Area

Description: PwC internal startup that helped companies increase in value (economic profit) by advising them on significant, strategic changes to their operations, financing, and structure by utilizing highly quantitative modeling and industry best practices

Change Management: Led comprehensive cross-functional diagnoses of the internal challenges in the Atlanta office that led to high turnover, divergent performance among associates, and negative cultural views. Efforts yielded an implementation roadmap with 50+ internally generated solutions (vs. the typical 2-3) worth up to $8.4MM in profits.

Franchise Model: Built a QSR client’s first strategic model focused on the balance of financial benefits/incentives that accrue to each component of a franchise structure to ensure that investment deals compensated each major shareholder

Capital Market Strategy: Pioneered a way to effectively deploy an organization’s cash to the highest value opportunities using a combination of ROIC, WACC, DCF models, and shareholder (buyback and dividend) policies

Model Development: Executed plans to optimize the processes and procedures used to develop our client pitches. Led to a 50% reduction in production time and errors by harmonizing the process and developing accurate templates

Presenter: Invited to present the Strategic Value Consulting (SVC) offering during PwC’s M&A Deals conference that involved only directors and above. Business development efforts generated numerous client leads that expanded the SVC practice.

Training: Took the PwC Modeling Center of Excellence course where we learned industry best modeling standards and techniques

Management Consultant (Strategy & Operations Senior Associate), Capgemini Consulting
August 2013 – April 2016 (2+ years) | Greater Atlanta Area

Description: Capgemini Consulting offers functional expertise and industry knowledge with a global reach. Our goal is to help our clients grow and create value. Because one size does not fit all, our consultants have developed skills and expertise specific to your sector so that we can stay relevant to your needs and understand your business issues.

Market Entry Strategy: Developed a dynamic, excel-based international business case model to rank foreign expansion opportunities based on population demographics, market size, product pricing, cost estimates, and capital investments for new dispensing machine technologies.
+ Analyzed the US market opportunity to aid in the development and reallocation of company resources to high-value initiatives
+ The client used the model to harmonize global expansion strategies with the objective of exceeding the client’s internal hurdle rates

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A): Utilized Monte Carlo simulations (and VBA) to better fit an existing sales forecast model with the introduction of variable skewness
+ Fixed projection bias by introducing customizable scenarios with over 729 different forecasting outcomes based on historical data and input from plant directors

Organizational Rationalization: Analyzed issues surrounding the number and complexity of this client’s global P&L financial reporting systems. Efforts led to increased internal visibility of business capabilities and the better coordination of multiple business units

Post Merger Integration (PMI): Worked with a publicly traded global industrial manufacturer to analyze and integrate acquisitions in Mexico and Italy as part of a strategy to boost economies of scale, increase company revenue, and reduce operational risks

Big Data: Produced a comprehensive data source library for a top 3, Global CPG. Interviewed 29 stakeholders, ran several workshops, and collected over 120 data sources for use by a data science team to make better marketing decisions

Vice President of Marketing, Charleston Photography Company
August 2012 – August 2015 (3 years) | Charleston, South Carolina Area

Description: Designed, developed, and implemented a digital marketing strategy that created four sub-brands – under the main photography studio brand name – that targeted specific high-end customer niches as a response to a competitive landscape with low entry barriers. Supported each brand with their own web identities and marketing strategies. Used spend analysis to generate better advertising returns highlighting each brand’s unique competitive advantages.

Results: Doubled profits in 12 months. Significantly increasing conversion rates, market brand perception, and revenue while decreasing marketing costs by 30% and website bounce rates by 20%. For one niche brand, revenue increased by 300%, web traffic by 50% and profits doubled in 12 months. Reach #1 Google website listing in 5 months.
+ Initiated a process excellence system that reduced employee costs by 40% by optimizing administrative tasks and streamlining the marketing process model.
+ Utilized a traditional marketing strategy to establish referral programs with wedding vendors to leverage our financial assets, increased ad spending to establish barriers to entry around advertising cost escalation, and reduced customer switching costs (churn) through service bundling.

2013 MBA Graduate, Goizueta Business School
May 2012 – May 2013 (1 year) Atlanta, GA

Description: Emory’s Goizueta Business School is one of the foremost education centers in the world. Click for global rankings.

Graduate of the Goizueta Business School with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship
+ Goizueta Business School Scholarship Recipient
+ Member of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management and Black MBA Association
+ Regional Venture Capital Investment Competition championship-winning team
+ Dean’s List Honors
+ Entrepreneurship Award

Founder & CEO, Wikiwealth.com
June 2008 – May 2013 (5 years)

Description: Produced over $45M worth of analytical research reports for 5k public and private investments at a 99% cost reduction to traditional research methods employed on Wall Street. With over 175k monthly visitors and over 20k research reports (figure includes companies, ETFs, mutual funds, SWOTs, and Five Forces), it’s the world’s leading collaborative investment research website.

WikiWealth Website: Created a self-sustainable platform that continues to produce SEO gains on Google and other search engines.
+ Led the company to break even within two years of operations.
+ Perfected a means of digital marketing (SEO) that increased user visits and profitability by over 1,000% and produced a 400%+ ROI in two years.
+ Utilized web 2.0 crowd-sourcing technology to invent valuation/investing models that underlie stock market-beating investment returns by analyzing visitor inputs to form a cohesive investment thesis about a company.
+ Managed four employees and numerous international contractors that spanned from Poland to Australia. The company’s decentralized and international approach lowered technology development costs by over 80%.
+ Led process mapping exercises to enhance the online customer experience on computers and mobile devices, which reduced the implementation time of key product updates.
+ Utilized “wiki” collaborative infrastructures to build a self-sustainable and free content creation model that has 95% gross profit margins and a 30% annual CAGR.

WikiWealth Value Investing App: Over 10,000 downloads and counting. Led a team of three through the development process from market research, positioning, and entry to MVP production, customer personas, and ROI calculations.
+ Optimized Apple Store graphics and content to improve ranking and downloads

Traveled the World
June 2007 – Aug 2008 (1 year)

Description: Fulfilled my most ambitious goal by traveling the world while I simultaneously developed my first entrepreneurial venture

Results: Traveled through Latin America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and China
+ Mountain biked Yungas Road, the most dangerous road in the world
+ Experienced the beauty of the Bolivian Salt Flats where a person can see a mirror reflection of the sky on the shallow lake bed
+ Took formal surfing (morning) and Spanish speaking lessons (afternoon) in Costa Rica.
+ Hiked the Inca Trail and saw Machu Picchu at dawn
+ Appeared on the most popular Dutch Christmas television show in the Netherlands
+ White water rafted 5 level 5 rapids on the Blue Nile and sailed the rest of the Nile up to the Pyramids of Giza
+ Saw the famous money exchange at Petra, Jordan
+ Hiked Mt. Sinai at dawn, and floated in the Dead Sea
+ Saw the majestic Mountain Gorillas on a harrowing hike in Rwanda
+ Went on multiple Safaris across Africa. My favorite was the Ngorongoro Crater of Tanzania
+ Spent three weeks exploring South Africa, with a final stop at Table Mountain, in Cape Town, SA
+ Explored everything in China from the Terracotta Warriors to Shanghai.
+ I went through Europe, India, Australia, and Japan on separate trips. Last on my bucket list is Antarctica

Senior Associate, Duff & Phelps
2005 – June 2007 (3 years) New York City

Description: Duff & Phelps (D&P) is one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory firms serving client needs in the areas of valuation, transaction advice, investment banking, and dispute consulting.

+ Analyzed 15k+ financial statements to spot trends, enhance business forecasting, and set benchmarking (using PKIs) against competitors and peers for corporate financing and industry analysis purposes.
+ Utilized sophisticated financial modeling tools (discounted cash flow (DCF), market comparable, and transaction models) to complete 50+ valuation consulting engagements ranging in size from $30M to $29B.
+ Valued private equity, debt, and intangible investments for merger & acquisition (M&A), accounting, and regulatory reasons in industries ranging from biotechnology to financial services.
+ Specialized in evaluating the individual equity, preferred, and debt tranches for private companies with multi-tier capital structures to facilitate investment asset sales in private exchanges.

Associate, Standard & Poor’s Corporate Value Consulting
August 2003 – 2005 (2 years)New York City

Description: Standard & Poors’ Corporate Value Consulting was a unit of the McGraw-Hill company

+ Led the pre-IPO harmonization of the company’s valuation processes into standardized methodologies, which improved project profitability, reduced analytical errors, and increased international collaboration. Firm-wide implementation approached 90%, representing over 30% of annual revenue.
+ Created an intensive two-week MBA and undergraduate training program to improve the effectiveness of newly hired employees. Training accelerated project completion and increased D&P’s profitability by 8k to 16k per graduate.

University of Florida, Warrington College of Business
1999 – 2003 (4 year) Gainesville, FL

Description: The University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business is a top 25 ranking undergraduate business program

Undergraduate degree from the Warrington Business School with major in Finance and a minor in Economics
+ Cum Laude
+ Australian Study Abroad Program: Australian Stock Exchange Internship, Fall 2001, Sydney
+ Awarded University of Florida’s Presidential Scholarship covering full tuition
+ Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity
+ Vice President of Apocalypse Dance Troupe
+ President Pledge of Class of 2002
+ Study Abroad in Australia

Summer Intern, Lehman Brothers
August 2001 – 2003 (2 years)New York City

Description: Lehman Brothers was the forth largest investment bank in the United States

Worked in emerging market and fixed-income derivatives trading operations.

Semester Intern, Australian Stock Exchange
2002 – 2002, Sydney, Australia

Description: The Australian Stock Exchange is the largest securities exchange in Australia and the world’s top 15 listed exchange groups.

+Worked in the business development area of the exchange.