Project Description

Subtitle: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brainbook cover spark

By: John Ratey


  • Exercise makes you feel better. It’s mental.
  • Physical exercise at first thing in the morning helped to produce the smartest school in the country.
  • Schedule hardest tasks right after physical education.
  • Maybe studying during exercise is a good idea too.
  • Except isle increases th e rate of learning.
  • Exercises where you have to play smart, like tennis, increases the brain workout even more.
  • Piano is particularly good at increase sing math skills.
  • People with ADHD start arguments when things are good, because it causes the stress that they use to focus and to get that high. They need to exercise and do other things unread.
  • Fruits and vegetables have small amounts of toxins that stress the body at low levels. This is what makes a person healthier
  • Every 50 min increase in exercise a week decreased the risk of depression by 50%.
  • Depression is the human way of hibernation. When the environment is rough, humans were taught to say energy.

Exercise when preggers and especially afterward.

  • Women with ADHD can be very calm after being pregnant.
  • 30 mins a dy for 5 days a week to cut an addiction.
  • Babies come out smarter and more responsive. Moving around ding pregnant increases the blood flow and stimulation. Touch and hlding a baby after pregnancy has the same affect.
  • Mothers in labor do better too. Chris,ideals make them feel better.
  • Especially help during post pardon depression.

Alzheimer’s risk drops by 17% for each year of school past high school.

Cancer is tied to inactivity.

Eat light and live right. 30% less food helps a person to live longer.

  • It’s a mild stress that helps them to live longer b making the stresses better.
  • One of he scientist skipped breakfast, had a salad for lunch and a regular dinner.
  • Low carbs help you to loss weight, but they are not great for the brain.

Staying mentally active completely stops the affects of Alzheimer’s.

  • Some nuns stay mentally it not their 90s. The brain works around the damage.

Non aerobic training did not have as great an affect.

  • Cross training is better. Doing a good warmup is better as well.
  • Doing squats was better than running for 30 mins in producing high in the body.

Having the experience of exercising regularly helps to get the bony to produce good chemicals when you start up agin aft a while.