Project Description

Book-when-to-rob-a-bank-largeBy: Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

Perfect voting system that correlates a person’s voting desire with the cost of voting:

  • Allow a person to vote as many times as they want
  • Each additional votes if a cost the inverse square root of their previous vote expense
  • For example: first vote cost $1. Second $2. Third $4. Forth $16

Why did Pepsi turn inĀ  the people who were trying to steal Coke’s formula?

  • If anyone was allowed to make Coke’s then KO’s price would drop.
  • That would increase the pressure on Pepsi’s products and their price would drop too

If you want to sell something online, don’t put African American’s or people with Tattoos unless that’s your market

  • Ideally, blonde women are the best