Project Description

Renee Sobaleski Executive Recruiter LogoRenee is an Atlanta-based executive recruiter who’s trying to disrupt the recruiting industry by optimizing her deal flow to be more hands on with clients. From near-shoring to social media marketing, David is advising Renee on how to double her recruiting profits in 12 months.

Here’s a list of the completed tasks: 

  • Done: Add mail icon to top and bottom bars
    • Done: Mail in Who Am I area too
  • Done: Add client recommendations
    • Done: Put Mark’s for now. Investment banking client (Anonymous)
  • Done: Change footer link to open in new browser window
  • Done: Make practice area icons look much bigger (what I do)
  • Done: What I do: Stop pics from going into lightroom
  • Done: What I do: Change client industries to bullets / checks
  • Done: News: Take pictures from the one’s posted on LinkedIn
  • Done: Footer
  • Done: Header
  • Done: Accent marks
  • Done: Page titles
  • Done: SEO
  • Done: Check all links
  • Done: Submit sitemap
  • Done: Logo
  • Done: Colors

 Choose between these two videos:

 Water Inspirational:

Sunrise over clouds:

 Renee’s Analysis (3 hrs):

  • Done: Finish data analysis
  • Done: Redo schedule
  • Done: Create before and after mappings
  • Done: Develop client strategy
  • Done: Finish website