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Subtitle: How America Fell Behind In The World It Invented and How We Can Come BackBook Cover That use to be us

By: Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum


  • Churchill said “American will always do the right thing, but only after exhausting all other options.”
  • It is not the strongest that survives, it’s the species that is most adaptable to change.
  • Globalization will be unkind to any time of routine work.
  • Non routine high skill work will become more important and profitable.
  • Services and creators are the only two types of jobs (vs. white collar / blue collar).
    • Ppl are most satisfied this way also.
  • Job as a leader is to create environment so people on the bottom can make all the tough decisions with knowledge and confidence.
  • More US students enter college than the ODC countries, but their survival rate is much lower.
  • Have Kirra figure out who the best teacher in Third grade is. The principle knows. Make sure she gets that teacher.
  • Chinese mothers spend nearly 10 times more time drilling academic needs with their children.
  • When children come to school knowing that their parents have high expectation, they like it.
  • Figure out how to do a job that differentiates how you do things vs. others.
  • When you allow kids to play in a structured way, it builds confidence in exploring something new.
  • Find what students want to do and create courses along that route
    • For example: entrepreneur programs.
  • Gross founded the Idea lab in California.
    • He said he looks for startups with courage.
    • Overcoming fear of failure is done by failing.
    • Barrier to creativity is lack of confidence.
    • Failures on a resume that they own up to is better than a success that might be due to luck.
  • Successful people are driving by something inside. Not pushed.
    • Creativity comes from a general understanding of discipline.
  • Young people today are more concerned about the different something will make versus the money it will make.