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Book-In-A-Pit-With-A-Lion-LargeSubtitle: How to survive and thrive when opportunity roars

By: Mark Batterson


  • Taking no risk is the biggest risk of all.
    • Marriage
  • God is more concerned about sins of omission.
    • Those who run away from sin are half Christians.
  • Pray a ridiculous prayer.
  • Birth defects, poverty, and negative circumstances are often the adversity that produces great things.
    • Adversities create their ministries.
  • Your ability to helps others heal is limited by my experience.
    • Very rarely does a bone break in the same place twice.
  • That person¬†intended harm, but God intended for me to help others.
  • Easy answers produce shallow convictions.
  • People tend to regret action regrets over the short term and inaction regrets over the long term.
    • The sins of omission are the ones that linger.
    • AKA, jacket in Italy.
  • In the long run, opportunity costs are far more damaging than actual costs.
  • You are never going to be ready. Even Jesus hesitated before his first Miracle.