Project Description

Subtitle: An American Lifebook cover benjamin franklin

By: Walter Isaacson


  • Person of good sense rarely dispute. It leads to only problems. Confrontations are not good
  • Used the Socratic method to draw people to make conceptions
  • Great networker
  • Great at reinventingĀ  himself
  • Entrepreneur
  • Resistance to establishment authority
  • Nothing is useful if not honest.
  • Loved the sarcastic method.
    • Gentle nudges.
  • He was an entrepreneur and a gifted networker.
  • Knowledge is obtain via the ear and not the tongue.
    • Use silence wisely.
  • Never highlight direct contributions.
    • Suggest differences indirectly.
    • Never looked inflammatory.
  • His romantic ideas were similar to mine.
  • I had been catholic and shipwrecked and survived, I’d built a church to some saint, since I am not, I’d built a light house