Project Description

book cover Transformational SpeakingSubtitle: If You Want to Change the World. Tell a Better Story

By: Gail Larsen


  • You must have passion in order to be a good speaker.
  • Life stories are the most effective means of telling a story.
  • U don’t need a larger than life story to be effective.
  • Stories must have emotion in order to connect with audience
  • Speaches must change in tone or else it’s boring.
  • Sparking insight is a key to success.
  • Must find your core message and revolve everything around it.
    • You have one minute to speak. What will you say?


Important Tips:

  • Vary your tempo if very important.
    • Sudden silences.
      • Pausing allows your audience to consolidate.
    • Change pace.
    • End your sentences.
    • Slow down.