Project Description

By: Daniel KahnemanBook Cover Thinking-Fast-and-Slow-Cover


  • Switching from one task to the next is effortful.
  • Acting calm and kind irregardless of how one feels is likely to make one that way.
  • The idea of money primes individualism.
  • To write a persuasive argument…
    • The first statement is expected to be true. Any other information has less value.
    • Put the writing on as good of paper as possible.
    • Simplicity in language is better. The more complicated, the worse someone deems their intelligence.
    • Try to make it memorable. Rhyming helps.
    • Quote a source? Use names that are recognizable and easy to pronounce.
  • To help diversify opinions, have everyone write down their opinions first and then discuss.
    • This helps to make sure the first person doesn’t influence the rest of the people.
  • Confidence in the story depends on the ability of the person to explain the story.
  • Strong, square chin with a turned down mouth my indicate danger.
    • With a slight, confident smile exudes confidence.
  • Group workers have a bias that says they do more than their fair share and don’t get credit for it.