Project Description

Life-changing-magic-book-largeBy: Marie Kondo

  • Tidying with anxiety or stress hits is an indicator that the brain is also in a mess and you need to address that first
  • To know what to keep, hold each item one at a time and ask if that item brings joy
  • Instead of tidying all your stuff, you need to first keep only those things that are close to the heart and discard the rest
  • Start with clothes, books, others, then sentimental items
  • Get rid of unread books, because the value of reading them was not that important, so you’ll never read anyway
  • Get rid of all papers. Mail, notes, school announcements, etc.
  • Seminar material. The value is going to the live presentation, not holding the material
  • Designate a spot for every item; otherwise, clutter will return
  • Clearly define storage place for each member of the family and concentrate those belongings in one place
  • Vertical storage is the key to storage

Notes on folding:

  • Fold each piece into a rectangle
  • Each piece should fit the draw
  • Each piece should stand up so you can see each piece of clothing all at the same time

First Step:

  • Take all similar items and group together to make sure you don’t have to search the house for those items after you make the hard decisions
  • If you have trouble, ask yourself if you already gained the benefit of the object and discard