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Subtitle: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Businessbook cover The-Innovators-Dilemma

By: Clayton M. Christensen


Good Managment was the sole reason that good companies lost their innovative edge.

  • Every situation is different, so you need to apply them differently.

Markets that don’t exist, can’t be analyzed.

Things that help disrupt industries:

  • Good mgmt planned to fail early.
  • They utilized some resources of the main organization to develop their own.

The best way to go after new markets is to launch a new brand in an emerging product.

  • This helps not to pick a fight with current org structure that services a different market.
  • A good idea is to geographically relocate the firm and allow them to do whatever they need to do to win.
  • Don’t use the old cost structure and model in new industry.
  • The people who build one type of product have much harder time converting to new markets by using the same old culture and people.
  • Let the old and new businesses compete against each other in order to drive innovation.

It’s important to seed disruptive ideas in small companies.

  • They will have more incentive to developer company.
  • Must be profitable on a small scale.

Can create distrust ice technologies if listen to customers, because there is no evidence to support the idea.

  • Must make a guess I order to succeed

To create innovation, a company is best to acquire another company and plant the seed there.

  • The culture will embrace it better.

Second movers are far more successful.

Successful companies change direction often.