Project Description

book cover Steve JobsBy: Walter Isaacson


  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Be blind to reality.
  • He fumbled into his life. A true focus may be even more efficient.
  • He believed he was destined for something great.
  • He expected the impossible of people.
    • If something will be better in the future, why can’t we do it now? Great idea is the only thing missing.
  • Start speeches with a story. “Let me tell you a story.”
    • Refrain from lecturing.
  • Everything must be intuitive so that anyone in any country can automatically understand how to use something.
  • Have to treat education like a profession (work 11 months a year, accountability)
    • Not like a union job of a century ago. Therefore, break the unions.
  • People don’t know what they want until they see it.
    • If henry ford asked consumers what they wanted, they’d say a faster horse.
  • A teamers only like working with A teamers.
    • Don’t be afraid to fire someone, because they bring on dead weight and hurt the rest of the group.
  • Users should need an instruction manual.
  • Can’t be afraid to cannibalize one’s self or someone else will.