Project Description

SS1-BlueGreyTransparentThis is an exciting product that I hope to launch soon. It’s positioned to help the men’s shaving segment by reducing the need for men to throw away their razors after a minimum of uses. We use basic science and a lot of consumer awareness to develop this product. We already have a design patent and a provision patent application waiting. The competitor in the field has a lower end product and a basic website.

Next Steps:

  • Submit the provisional patent application for one year of protection
  • We need to do a minimally viable website to test the product branding, pricing, and marketing
  • Next, we’ll do a kickstarter campaign to initiate┬áthe manufacturing process
  • Pick a manufacturer and make a batch order
  • We’ll finish with the full launch and sales of the device. We have a design patent, but we’ll need a utility patent as well