Project Description

book cover Made to stickSubtitle: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

By: Chip Heath & Dan Heath


Made to stick by healthy

  • Six principles: SUCCES
  • 1. Simplicity. Shorter the better
  • 2. Unexpectedness. Counter intuitive. Use surprise. Interest.
  • 3. Concreteness. Images. Etc. bird in hand is worth two in the bus
  • 4. Credibility.
  • 5. Use emotion. People r more likely to give a gift to a person versus an entire pop. Use for first choice.
  • 6. Use stories.
  • Example: JFK said to put a man on the moon and return them safely.
  • An idea is simple when there is nothing left to substrct from it.
  • What’s the lead?
  • Simple equals core plus compact.
  • Proverbs. Short lang from long experience. So sticky, they spread on their own.
  • Pot make memorable use what ppl already know. Associations. Tie to concept u already know. WikiWealth is like Wikipedia. Improves comprehension and memory.
  • Pot get attention. Break pattern
  • Uncommon actions or sense become sticky.
  • Big numbers are difficult to remember or grasp. Analogy works better. Prevents r easier to understand.
  • Curiosity arises from knowledge gaps. The more u know the more u want to know to fill the gap.
  • Pass around a research report that ask ppl to fill in a little section, when they r done, use the report as a slide presentation to explain the benefits of a wiki.
  • Ppl remember things better when it evokes emotion. Think tornadoes versus asthma.
  • To get donations, focus on one person versus the masses. More effective.
  • Invoke self interest to get ppl to care.
  • Dont mess with Texas was a successful campaign because it made ppl cherh the collective be edit over individual benefit.
  • The Jared campaign stuck a cord on the inspiration and success checklist and it was unexpected, creditable,
  • Telling a story is a great way to deliver a message, because I engages an audience.
  • Stories have to be simple.
  • Being a good spotter is even more important
  • A great speech may not be sticky. A good story or using emotion was stickier.
  • The curse of knowledge means ur knowledge fills in gaps that others may not have knowledge of. Good speaker explain not just share data.
  • Five steps! important! Sticky ideas: audience pay attention, understand and remember it, care, act on it, agree and believe.
  • Creat curiosity gaps that are slowly solved over the course of the communications.