Project Description

book-little-bets-largeBy: Peter Sims

  • Praise a child for their effort, they will succeed better and take on more challenges
    • Praise a child for their intelligence and they will use it as a crutch and only take on roles they are good at doing
  • When much is unknown, a structured approach does not work
    • Therefore use an agile approach versus the waterfall approach
  • Best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  • Better to follow when something is working versus change direction when something is not working.
    • Therefore, make little bets early and see what’s working
  • Go after small wins everywhere
  • People don’t want to give feedback when an idea is completely done.
    • Give them something that’s rough so they can help improve it and feel comfortable talking to you.
  • Thomas Edison said every failed experiment is a step forward to success