Project Description

Book_Genghis_Khan_LargeBy: Jack Weatherford


  • Had a similar childhood to Shaka Zulu
  • He was raise by his mother after she was abandoned to die right before winter
  • The whole family struggled, which meant that he would have to take charge of his life
  • They stopped advancing west, because their fighting style didn’t work in warm, moist places
  • They founded Beijing and built it in grid format so they could see from guard post to guard post
  • They were Christians for most of their time
    • After the dynasty fell, the religion lost contact with Asia and other religions filled the void
  • Columbus sailed to the new world to find Khan’s empire. He thought he sailed too far south and found the Indians, so he named those people, Indians
  • When Khan’s empire fell, the Chinese built the great Wall to keep out Khan’s invaders
  • They pretty much invented the better uses that led to guns and other explosives