Project Description

By: Amy Chuabook cover Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom


  • No play dates and no plays.
  • Hired a Chinese nanny to speak mandarin to her daughter.
  • Prosperity does not last for three generations.
  • Look up every word you don’t know and memorize it.
  • If something seems unfair at school. Work twice as hard to overcome it.
  • Try the Suzuki books to learn piano lessons. Known for producing child prodigies.
    • Stay next to her during all practice and lessons.
  • Practice one min per day for every year in their age.
  • Nothing is fun until you are good at it. That’s why it takes practice.
  • Route repetition is under appreciated in America.
    • Practice makes things fun and that increases momentum.
  • Never let your kids give up on anything.
    • More practice will lead to more fun.
  • Always go extra credit all the time.
  • Practice more than anyone else, always.
  • Every stubborn kids can be gifted.
  • Practiced up to the last minute. Have to know that you did everything possible.
  • Get izzy to make clothing for ebay.
  • Chinese virtuous circle: Hard work leads to success and more confidence and repeat.
  • Every child is different, so you have to adjust.
  • Can only be really great at something is if you love it.
  • Have Izzy stay with soccer so we have a family activity.
  • Drilling a work effort into a young kid gives them the insight to master anything they like.
  • Western parents idea is to let them pursue their passion, but that passion is facebook for ten hours and junk food.
  • If thou love’its life, then never waste it.
  • Thomas Jefferson: I’m a huge believer in luck. The harder I work, the more I have of it.”
  • Always expect the best from each kid.