“The average American watches over 30 hours of TV per week. I use that time to build businesses.”

“I built this site to inspire, educate, and promote an idea, personified by my experience, that people should never settle for what’s easy, but always strive to make positive change in themselves and the world. I distilled what I learned in the strategy section so you can skip a few steps towards achieving your business goals. In return, contact me so I can help you to build a great company either as a Management Consultant (fee paying large companies) or as an entrepreneur (free advice for small companies).” David T. Durant

David T Durant’s Experience and Skills

Management Consulting Experience
Entrepreneurship Experience
Wall Street Experience
  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Operation Rationalization

  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

  • Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

  • MBA from Emory University

  • Goizueta Scholarship Recipient

  • B-School Venture Capital Winning Team

  • World’s Largest Financial Wiki

  • Vice President of Marketing

  • Successfully Launched an iOS App

  • 3x Profits In 18 Months

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

  • 7 Yrs of SEO/SEM Experience

  • Patent Owner / Book Author

  • Emory Entrepreneurship Award Recipient

  • Created 3 Profitable Ventures

  • Passed CFA, Level 2

  • Invented an ETF Valuation Method

  • Started Investing From Age 13

  • University of Florida Honors Graduate

  • U of F Presidential Scholarship Recipient

  • Projects in Tokyo and Amsterdam

  • Interned for Lehman Brothers

Atlanta Venture Capital Investment Portfolio

Collaborative Value Investing

WikiWealth.com is a collaborative research and analysis website. WikiWealth leverages the world’s knowledge to produce the highest quality information for investors and market researchers. WikiWealth has over 6,000 research reports for investments like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, and commodities.

Timeless Photography

Charleston photographers specializes in classic, romantic photography that stands the test of time. From weddings and families to newborns, maternity, and Boudoir, these photographers created an amazing photography experience in Charleston, SC. David sold his stake in this photography to focus on a new venture with an even grander vision for capturing memories.

Mobile Wall Street Research

The WikiWealth App is an extension of the WikiWealth quantitative engine into the area of mobile applications. This streamlined version of WikiWealth shows some of the most complicated financial analysis in an easy-to-understand graphical interface. The WikiWealth App’s focus is to bring simplicity and usability to the financial world.

What Advice Could David Share?

Instead of guessing, take a look at David’s strategy section. You’ll see blogs about the most basic entrepreneurial questions. If that’s not enough, just contact him to chat. David loves helping people build their companies. In return, he gets to work with incredible people who are changing the future.

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I’m Always Studying

See David’s library for all his reading notes and book recommendations. You’ll find interesting insights to what David reads and what he finds to be most important. Over 100 biographies, business books, interesting reads, and more are at your disposal.

Crossing the Chasm

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4 Hour Work Week

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Peer Recommendations Explain It All

David’s goal is to work with you on the next great startup / venture. The recommendations below show what to expect in a partnership with David

“David is an incredible leader and professional mentor. His ability to analyze and deliver critical information rapidly is impressive. I personally have learned so much from David with his professionalism to business acumen and entrepreneur mind-set. David is a brilliant individual who not only brings value to a company but unbound enthusiasm and determination. I would highly recommend David for any business venture.”
David is an innovative, brilliant mind with respect to stock research and research availability. David is trustworthy and respectful, putting his client’s needs above his or his company.
David is by far the brightest and most trusting individual I have had the privilege to get to know! His intelligence, drive, and compassion with Wikiwealth is one investment I can count on prospering even in the worst of economical times. I would recommend anyone with a desire to invest smartly to him.
Dave is a strong analyst and has a true passion for investing. Dave has a great combination of skills – superb technical knowledge, attention to detail and ability to keep the “big picture” in perspective by focusing on key value drivers. Dave has very strong work ethic, is a pleasure to work with and will be an asset to any team!
David is a natural leader. He brings an impressive amount of dedication, and enthusiasm to each endeavor. He was a highly respected member of Delta Sigma Pi, providing the leadership required for a successful organization. I have known David throughout his professional career, and he has the qualities and skill set that are vital to success.
Candace Komand, Account Director

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